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These narratives share the experiences of our dedicated law enforcement, government, military, and intelligence professionals who tirelessly strive to enhance the safety of our communities on a daily basis. We want to extend our deepest gratitude to each of our customers — the dedicated men and women in law enforcement, government and the defense and intelligence community who bravely risk their lives in their quest to uphold the rule of law and keep our communities safe.

Two unknown suspects were captured on a convenience store security camera. Upon leaving the store, both subjects opened fire at two other subjects across the street. I obtained a copy of the CCTV footage video and loaded it into Clearview AI.

In less than a minute, Clearview generated likely social media accounts for the shooting suspects. Photos from the accounts were compared against DMV photos collected in the investigation. Other additional investigative steps led to a positive identification.

This is a small example of the success I have had in enabling tangible investigative leads for violent crime investigators.

California, November 2023

Our Crimes against Children and Families Unit conducted a proactive undercover operation using a social media application to locate and arrest subjects who are soliciting underage children for sexual activity. During this operation, our suspect began to “chat” with the undercover decoy who was posing as a 14-year-old female.


Using photographs (selfies) provided by the suspect, we were able to upload and run them in Clearview, gaining a possible ID of the suspect. The photos returned both a public post and a social media profile. From there, we used additional LE databases to confirm his identity before an arrest warrant was obtained.


The suspect was located at the County Sheriff's Office, interviewed by detectives, and taken into custody. At the time, he was employed by the County Sheriff's Office and is a registered Little League Umpire. This case moved very fast and was largely due to the quick ID that Clearview provided us.

Florida, August 2023

Our patrol officer took a report of someone using a fraudulent credit card. Within 2 hours of the report we were able to identify the female using Clearview AI.

Georgia, October 2023

The experience is going great. It has helped solve and confirm identities in multiple cases, many of which have led to investigations involving multiple jurisdictions. A couple of forgery check rings have been brought to justice, as we were able to identify the subjects.

Georgia, December 2023


We are really enjoying the software so far. We have had several identifications, but had a significant case resolved the other day due to Clearview. A suspect drove from 60 miles away to rob one of our jewelry stores. He eluded capture that day but was identified through a female companion’s face on CCTV footage. He was taken into custody the following day and we recovered all the clothes he was wearing during the robbery and a stolen firearm.


Thanks again.

California, June 2023


I just wanted to take the time to share a recent success story. We had a neighboring agency reach out because they had a runaway/missing juvenile leave with an unknown male who was from out of state. They sent us the picture they had of the male and we got a hit on his social media. Detectives were able to figure out the male based on the hit and bring the juvenile back safely. It was somewhat of a last ditch effort to get a lead and it was the one that worked out in the end. 

Iowa, September 2023

We were able to locate social media for an armed robbery suspect which has lead us to further intel of his whereabouts.

The social media account was under a completely different name that we would never have been able to find with a traditional search.

South Carolina, August 2023

In fact, we broke two major cases this week using Clearview – a local child predator case and a nationwide case involving the reprogramming on ATMs that a large Federal agency has been investigating for some time.

Pennsylvania, October 2023

Just did training and included Clearview in Thailand and another country. Clearview helped us identify and recover 17 children from exploitation and 4 predators in the month of August.

Arkansas, October 2023


One of the biggest ones was an unidentified body, we ran a picture of him through the database and were able to get him identified much faster than we would have previously been capable. We've also been able to identify several felony fraud suspects by running high-quality bank CCTV images through the database. It's just been an excellent tool for us all around. Thanks.

Florida, April 2022

We had a case of Criminal Use of Personal Identification where five high end vehicles were purchased at a dealer in our city totaling over $500,000. The vehicles were applied for online, and during closing, a state ID was presented via video conference. This ID contained the victim’s personal information, with a possible suspect pictured. I was able to upload a copy of the picture to Clearview which gave me a possible match from a social media post and a name out of the area.

I got in contact with a detective there and forwarded him the picture. In the background of the picture was a unique staircase which the detective was familiar with. He spoke with management at the apartment complex and confirmed the identity of my suspect. Four out of the five vehicles were recovered and several arrests were made.

Florida, August 2022


From Theft, Burglary, Robbery, Fraud and Indecent Exposure — this isn't about one particular case in which Clearview helped out. I just wanted to drop a note because Clearview has been so good in providing facial recognition results that I've been able to provide identification leads that led to a positive ID in about 10+ cases now, assisting agencies across the state. This is far and away a superior program than the other two facial recognition databases I have access to.


I've now incorporated utilizing Clearview AI to run faces on "request to identify" bulletins into my daily workload. I've been able to send identification leads multiple times a week and the investigators usually respond with some version of "Wow." So, thank you! Ability to view the sources the images come from leads to further investigative developments. It provides leads to investigators when they only had a face to start with. 

Texas, April 2022

Clearview helped identify a burglary suspect that we were trying to identify forever. It also led to the discovery that our suspect was wanted for murder in Ohio. The suspect was wanted since 2021.

Iowa, August 2023

Recently I had a fraudulent check suspect who cashed several checks for several thousand dollars at a bank chain. I was able to get a face picture from CCTV footage and uploaded it to Clearview. A suspect was identified out of a nearby city and charges were sent to the state attorney.

Florida, April 2022

Our officers were very pleased with Clearview AI. Additionally, Clearview AI enabled the positive identification of a non-verbal person experiencing a medical emergency in the field.


This identification allowed retrieval of his medical history, which was then supplied to the hospital.

Texas, June 2022

During a demo we ran a photo through Clearview AI and found a lead in a case referencing human trafficking. They were able to contact a localized police department, and track down a victim and rescue her in the last couple weeks.

Florida, April 2022


I also had a Lewd and Lascivious Battery where a 15 year old said she met a male at a convenience store. The male purchased her e-cigarettes and the two went to a local park where she claimed they had sex. She only knew him by an alias, but communicated with him through instant messages prior to and after the encounter. I was able to get the suspect’s handle from the messaging app and linked it to a social media post. I uploaded a picture from the account to Clearview and developed a suspect. The suspect was shown to the victim via a photo pack where she was positively able to identify him.

Florida, April 2022

As a county sheriff, I've just wrapped up a trial where I relied on Clearview AI for identification in two cases.


One involved a sexual battery case of a 10 year old boy being exploited online and the other was an organized retail theft suspect who was wearing a mask! 

Florida, April 2022

The software has helped us with actionable leads in several cases, not only in our local area, but in other parts of the state. I recently had a conversation with a Clearview representative, and he mentioned that the local Sheriff's Office had discussed with him that our center was able to identify suspects in a couple of cold cases they had.


In my personal opinion, Clearview AI has been one of the best investments in technology we have obtained, as it has provided actionable leads and allowed our partner agencies to cut the time in their investigations.

Texas, April 2022

I was recently called out to a Lewd and Lascivious complaint where the 16 year old victim said that a male who she only knew by alias. The victim’s mother went out for cigarettes at about 3 AM and left her daughter at home.


The male subject was at the house and that is when the crime was committed. The girl was able to pull up a social media profile of the suspect. I was able to upload a picture from the profile to Clearview and got a positive match.

Florida, August 2022

The tool assisted in identifying a lead in a habitual larceny case.

North Carolina, April 2022

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