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Below are some success stories shared by our customers in government and law enforcement who utilize Clearview AI. It is a privilege for us to assist them in their mission to ensure the safety of our communities on a daily basis.

Rescuing a Minor From Her Violent Trafficker

Bank Fraud Task Force Member Identifies ATM Theft Suspect

BNA’s Department Of Public Safety Helps Identify Suspect In Attempted Rental Car Theft

Oxford Police Department Provides Investigative Leads To FBI, Following The U.S. Capitol Attacks

Hernando County Sheriff’s Office Solves a Case That Could’ve Gone Cold

The Miami Police Department Locates a Fleeing Homicide Suspect

Uncovering Members of an International Drug Smuggling Network

North Florida Sheriff’s Office Identifies an Uncooperative Felon

Two Law Enforcement Agencies Solve a Murder and Attempted Murder

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