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Clearview AI vs Vigilant FaceSearch: A Comparison of Two Facial Recognition Products

By Clearview AI BLOG

In the ever-changing realm of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications have fundamentally transformed numerous sectors, with facial recognition emerging as a critical development. Facial recognition technology has evolved rapidly in recent years, increasing dramatically in accuracy. This blog post will delve into a quick overview and comparison of Clearview AI, and Vigilant FaceSearch (which is owned by Motorola).


Clearview AI operates on an advanced algorithm capable of identifying faces from multiple angles, eliminating the need to rotate or skew images. The algorithm’s accuracy facilitates a more user-friendly experience and yields more accurate results.

Vigilant FaceSearch, a product of Motorola, has a less capable algorithm. It requires image rotation and skewing to search for off-angle photos. While this might add an extra layer of control over image manipulation, it also introduces an additional step in the process.

Clearview AI has consistently ranked high in NIST evaluations across all categories, boasting a remarkable #2 position globally and #1 in the U.S. for WILD photos, which signifies its adeptness at identifying faces in uncontrolled environments. The 1:N mugshot category particularly stands out, with an accuracy of 99.85% for picking a photo out of a lineup of 12 million photos.

A notable point of difference lies in the NIST rankings, where Vigilant's algorithm does not feature in the top 100 algorithms for any of the categories. The last data update was in 2019, and there is no indication of active product development or investment.


When using Vigilant FaceSearch, your gallery size is limited to how many images you may have access to in your local agency, and a small pre-populated dataset of arrest records provided by Vigilant FaceSearch. By contrast, Clearview AI's extensive public image database has over 30 billion images and continues to grow. With Clearview AI, you are also able to also search your own local images, so there is nothing that Vigilant FaceSearch can do that Clearview AI can not do.