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Radio Podcast: How Can & How Should Law Enforcement Use Facial Recognition, If at all

By Montana Talks with Aaron Flint & Facial Recognition Expert / Former Texas Ranger, Skylor Hearn BLOG


Aaron: We got a great guest here in the studio with us. Skylor Hearn is the Director of Government Affairs for a company called Clearview AI. But before that, he actually spent 27 years in law enforcement.

Not only was he the Deputy Director of the Department of Public Safety down in Texas, he also had a great career as a Texas Ranger. So we got an official Texas ranger in the studio with us right now. Skylor Hearn. Great to see you [...] So tell us about Clearview AI.

Skylor: Clearview AI is relatively new, they came into existence in 2019. They're a technology company that provides facial recognition services to predominantly law enforcement and government agencies at the state, local, and federal level for investigative purposes and national security investigations.

Aaron: We've had a great opportunity to catch up with a Democrat state representative, Katie Sullivan, out of Missoula and Republican state Senator Ken Bogner out of Mile City. And they've both been looking at it through legislative, interim committees, this whole concept of facial recognition technology.