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Introducing Clearview AI 2.0

By Clearview AI BLOG


This is an exciting time for our team and our customers, as we release Clearview AI 2.0. When we first launched our facial recognition solution for law enforcement, we believed it would help make communities safer. And we are proud to say it has.

Over the years, we have received numerous success stories from customers, sharing with us how the solution has helped find violent criminals, locate and rescue victims of human trafficking, and also aided in humanitarian efforts, such as identifying an unconscious patient in an emergency room. Most recently, we have offered our solution to the Ukraine Ministry of Defense to aid in their wartime efforts and to use facial recognition to help identify and vet individuals and reunite refugees. These stories motivate us to keep finding ways to make the solution more impactful, as we aimed to do in this latest release.

Here are just a few highlights of how the Clearview AI 2.0 release will enhance investigations for our law enforcement users:

Organize Your Investigations

With Clearview AI 2.0, investigators and analysts can now group multiple searches of the same or different persons of interest in the same “case file.” You can also save searches and set up alerts for when new potential matches to a probe image are found.

Archive and Focus Investigations

Investigators and analysts now have the ability to archive investigations that are not currently active. Also, right from the home screen, you will be able to see all open investigations allowing you to quickly access the relevant case.

More Report Features

Account administrators will benefit from significant report enhancements in Clearview AI 2.0. The visual style of the charts makes it easy to assess key usage metrics and have transparency across user accounts within the agency.

Accurate and Unbiased Results

Clearview AI 2.0 is driven by one of the most accurate facial recognition algorithms in the world. This was validated during our debut submission to the NIST FVRT a few months ago. Clearview AI achieved over 99% accuracy across all demographics, including age, gender, and race. This means that investigators and analysts can confidently utilize Clearview AI in their investigations as well as to help support bias-free policing strategies.

More images. More leads.

Clearview AI 2.0 delivers over 30 billion publicly available facial images to search against. This is the world’s largest facial recognition repository and as a result, can provide more leads to accelerate and streamline investigations. And because the database is not limited to government data sets, it helps investigators identify those without a prior arrest record or a DMV record, including first time offenders and victims.

There are many more new features in Clearview AI 2.0 for our law enforcement users to experience. Thank you to our current users for taking this technology and making a difference. Please keep sharing your stories as well as feedback on how we can continue to improve the solution.

For agencies that are not current users, if you would like to learn more about our investigative platform and facial recognition technology and see Clearview AI 2.0 in action, please reach out below.

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