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Clearview AI Powers Sex Trafficking Investigation That Takes Down a Most Wanted Man

By Skylor Hearn BLOG


It’s no secret that in the lead up to large events, such as the Super Bowl, sex traffickers place more ads hoping to profit illegally off of the event. But one sex trafficker who was also on Ohio’s Most Wanted list, was probably very surprised when he was arrested prior to the big event.

A single sex ad coupled with an experienced investigator and Clearview AI’s facial recognition investigative platform quickly uncovered the identity of the victim and the trafficker. In just seconds, an OSINT search uncovered the female’s identity which ultimately connected her to the trafficker. In minutes, law enforcement involved in the operation were equipped with intelligence to protect their safety and the victim during the operation.

Find out how it all went down.



Director of Government Affairs for Clearview AI & Lt. Colonel (Ret.), Texas DPS

Skylor Hearn is Director of Government Affairs for Clearview AI. Skylor has more than 27 years of progressive law enforcement experience including as former Texas Ranger Captain and DPS Deputy Director. Throughout his career, Skylor provided leadership and direction to patrol, investigations, and support operations across large geographic regions. Additionally, he led highly specialized investigative units and programs including Texas Ranger Company “G” and “D”, criminal justice data collection and analysis, the forensic crime laboratory system, biometric data systems, and law enforcement and civilian training.

In 2022, Skylor began working for Clearview AI where he utilizes his law enforcement expertise and legislative experience to help policy makers and law enforcement executives craft model use policies and laws nationally for the utilization of facial recognition technology and public online content by law enforcement.

Skylor remains commissioned as a Special Texas Ranger by DPS and has been recognized with the DPS Director’s Citation for Criminal Interdiction as well as received the FBI Director’s Award for Rescue of a Kidnapped Child.

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