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Behind the Badge: Law Enforcement Insider's Journey & the Role in Shaping Facial Recognition Policy

By Clearview AI BLOG

Welcome to an exclusive interview with Robert Gomez, a former law enforcement officer from Florida. Notably, he is a devoted team member at Clearview AI, where his expertise plays a pivotal role in advancing facial recognition technology (FRT).

In this discussion, we explore Mr. Gomez's rich background in law enforcement and his instrumental role in spearheading the implementation of FRT policy within his department. Join us as we unravel the story of his experiences and delve into the transformative impact of Clearview AI, a technology celebrated for its high accuracy, contributing significantly to helping reduce crime.

What made you decide to go into Law Enforcement?

I always felt comfort in assisting people, more so people in need. I initially became a Firefighter and through my training, I was provided the opportunity to be employed as a ship-board fire patrolman onboard a well-known cruise line. It was extreme travel which brought me back to the states where the opportunity to join the police force came to be in 1999.

How did you first hear about Clearview AI? Did your Agency have specific people that used Clearview AI? (Crime Analysts, CID, etc)

I left uniform patrol in 2013 and joined our Detectives division within my agency. Facial recognition was not part of our investigative process and countless cases were closed or suspended because of the inability to identify a person of interest. The frustration of having to inform the victim of any crime their case could not be moved forward was very frustrating. In 2020, due to the advancement of technology and redirection of investigative law enforcement, our agency established the Real Time Operation Center (RTOC). I was assigned the supervisory role and led a team of four (4) Crime Analysts to become experienced users with Clearview AI.

Did your Agency have an internal policy in place for Facial Recognition Technology? Would you recommend that other Agencies do that as well?

Our agency established a set of standards of policies and procedures to the proper usage of facial recognition. The assurance that the agency had in place both rules and regulations to regulate its usage along the security measures already featured within the software reassured those skeptical of the myths tied to facial recognition. Our policies outlined the proper use of Clearview AI.