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Clearview AI

National Child Abuse Prevention Month: Clearview AI

Child enter this world filled with innocence

Filled with curiosity

Filled with trust

Filled with imagination

But as much as we try to protect them

and let them hold onto precious elements of childhood

Sometimes the abusers win out.

Boys (49%) and girls (51%) become victims at nearly the same rate.

For every incident of child abuse or neglect that’s reported, an estimated two incidents go unreported.

Technology has made it easier for abusers to reach children

As they do homework in their room

As they ride the school bus

And as they talk or play with their friends online.

Technology contributes to child abuse

Yet, technology is invaluable in helping to combat child abuse

96.4% of law enforcement agencies report they are already using the internet & social media for intelligence gathering

Clearview AI is proud to help investigators efficiently process images from the public internet with an investigative platform that helps combat child abuse

Together, we can help find and rescue victims and stop this devastating crime

Thank you to those working around-the-clock to help prevent child abuse and exploitation

Let's work together to let children hold onto their childhood. 






Honoring National Police Week 2024 with Clearview AI Employees
Queensland detectives unable to use facial recognition technology in child exploitation case
US police forces using facial recognition technology
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