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Missing Persons Day: Clearview AI

February 3 is National Missing Persons Day. 543,018 people were reported missing in 2020 in the United States(1). Thankfully 88% of them returned home(2), but that still left 89,637 active missing person records(1). Juveniles made up 43% of those 89,637 (3). Every missing person is someone’s son, daughter, brother, sister, mother, father, aunt, uncle, or friend. Time is crucial in missing person cases, especially when the person is a minor, has dementia, or is away from their medication. These missing persons deserve every tool available to bring them home quickly & safely. Clearview AI is proud to partner with law enforcement as they work to bring answers to the victims' family and help reunite missing children, adults, and elderly with their loved ones.



(2) or were otherwise removed from NCIC's Missing Person List

(3) When juveniles are defined as under 21 years of age


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