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Honoring National Police Week with Clearview AI Employees

This week is #NationalPoliceWeek. As our employees reflect on what it meant to serve, they also emphasize the importance of taking a moment to remember their #lawenforcement brothers and sisters who gave everything for their communities.

As a corporate partner of National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and Museum, Clearview AI is proud to support and help further their mission to honor the fallen, tell the story of American law enforcement, and make it safer for those who serve.

Thank you to our incredible former law enforcement employees who served from California, to Texas, to Alabama and New York: Randa Rhodes, Skylor Hearn, Paul Belli, Jason Webb and Roger Rodriguez.

And lastly, we are extremely grateful for our customers who serve our communities each and every day. We at Clearview AI thank you and salute you. #NationalPoliceWeek2022


Honoring National Police Week 2024 with Clearview AI Employees
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