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Open Letter to Our Customers


To our valued state, local, and federal law enforcement partners,

Clearview AI was an unknown startup until the New York Times put us on their front page in January 2020. We were only a tiny company at the time with barely 10 employees. I was unprepared for intense pressure, both personally and professionally, that would be typically reserved for multi-billion-dollar corporations. I weathered those tough days by remaining focused on the mission I share with all of you: to make this world a safer place.

It is a miracle we survived. Today we have over 45 full-time employees and serve over 3,100 law enforcement agencies around the United States and we are still alive and thriving.

Clearview AI’s technology was used to help identify many of the Capitol rioters on Jan 6th. We hired an experienced executive team, a stellar advisory board, a crack legal team, raised another $30 million in venture financing, and we were selected as a TIME100 Most Influential Company last year. Our algorithm has ranked as the most accurate in the U.S. and Western World, and #2 worldwide by NIST, putting to bed any concerns around accuracy and racial bias.

Every day we hear from our customers in law enforcement about how our product has been able to assist them in solving heinous crimes against children, seniors, and other victims of unscrupulous acts. To this date, we know of no wrongful arrest due to the use of Clearview AI’s technology.

Today, the Internet is used to commit all kinds of crimes such as sex trafficking, financial fraud, and money laundering. Big tech companies resist working with the government to help end these crimes. Advocacy groups, who previously defended the right to collect public information from the internet under the First Amendment, have turned on their principles to attack us.

While our best minds in tech are working on getting you to click more ads, foreign powers are focused on using technology to hack into our government and corporations. They seek to overtake our country with the latest technology, but we should not let that happen.