North Florida Sheriff’s Office Identifies an Uncooperative Felon


North Florida Sheriff’s Office Identifies an Uncooperative Felon

When a patrol officer pulled over a driver and passenger, the passenger would not provide his ID, gave two different names and dates of birth, and claimed not to know his Social Security number.

A Crime Analyst Supervisor searched a smartphone photo from the patrol officer against a statewide facial recognition database. When this yielded no results after fifteen minutes, the analyst turned to Clearview AI.

Within three seconds, Clearview AI found an arrest record with a name. Further investigation confirmed that the former inmate was the passenger. At the scene, the patrol officer addressed the passenger with his real name, which the passenger confirmed, ending the stalemate.

Because the passenger was wanted on multiple warrants, the patrol officer arrested the passenger and brought him to jail.

Clearview AI provided an investigative lead on a suspect within three seconds, while a statewide facial recognition system failed to do so after fifteen minutes of trying.