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E1100: Clearview AI CEO Hoan Ton-That on balancing privacy & security, engaging with controversy

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Show notes:

0:00 Jason intros today's episode by talking about the current issues we are facing & how facial recognition relates to them

3:34 Jason intros Hoan Ton-That & brings up the current moral issues society is facing regarding facial recognition

8:26 How do they charge police departments? Who gets to use their software & what is an example of how Clearview would be used?

12:41 How do they prevent misuse of the software by police officers?

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20:09 Hoan on the reaction to the NYT piece on Clearview AI, Peter Thiel's impact on Clearview's notoriety

23:19 Bias in facial recognition

26:30 Hoan demos Clearview AI, fair use issues

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32:31 Crawling social media sites, fair use comparison with Google

37:12 What disrupts current facial recognition software & how Clearview's algorithm works

45:31 Is Clearview competing against Palantir? Balancing safety with privacy, thoughts on real-time surveillance

52:38 Increasing efficiency for detectives

55:52 Can Clearview be tricked & how are they navigating cities that ban facial recognition?

1:05:34 Leaning into controversy as a founder, benefits of making yourself available to media & how they audit employees using their software, best use cases of Clearview so far

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Honoring National Police Week 2024 with Clearview AI Employees
Queensland detectives unable to use facial recognition technology in child exploitation case
US police forces using facial recognition technology
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