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The Changing Face of AI with Clearview AI

Hoan Ton-That, Founder and CEO, Clearview AI

Facial recognition has made incredible strides in accuracy thanks to AI. Sometimes there are many misunderstandings about facial recognition and Clearview AI. The company’s founder, Hoan Ton-That pushes forward with a relentless focus on Changing the Face of AI for good. In this keynote, he lays out a vision for facial recognition and AI that leverages public internet data to deliver transformative change to law enforcement, public safety and consent-based applications for crime prevention. The highlight of the session will be a riveting demonstration of Clearview AI featuring a live face search. These live searches typically serve up surprises for the search candidates as Clearview AI finds unexpected or near-impossible match images that have been used to solve countless crimes, such as crimes against children, financial fraud and drug trafficking.


Honoring National Police Week 2024 with Clearview AI Employees
Queensland detectives unable to use facial recognition technology in child exploitation case
US police forces using facial recognition technology
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