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Clearview AI

Clearview AI Company Overview

Clearview AI provides the world’s largest facial network to support law enforcement and government agencies in their shared mission to keep communities safe. Our revolutionary intelligence platform, powered by facial recognition, helps accurately and rapidly identify suspects, investigate crimes, enhance public safety, and provide justice to victims. 


Law enforcement utilize Clearview AI’s collection of 20+ billion open-source images, sourced from social media posts, personal and professional websites, news articles, online mugshots, criminal databases, public record sites and thousands of other open sources, to generate high-quality leads and accelerate investigations. 


With the largest volume of non-traditional data, the most powerful search tools available, and industry-leading compliance, Clearview AI reveals what no one else can: leads, insights, and relationships.

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Honoring National Police Week 2024 with Clearview AI Employees
Queensland detectives unable to use facial recognition technology in child exploitation case
US police forces using facial recognition technology
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